On March 2, this year, at the headquarters of the Road and Bridge Research Institute in Warsaw, a letter of intent was signed regarding research and development cooperation and research services between the Polish Transport Research Institutes Network (POLTRIN) and the Polish State Railways (PKP S.A.).

The subject of the letter is cooperation and exchange of knowledge in the scope of ongoing and planned research and development and innovative projects in the field of road and rail transport.


The Polish POLTRIN network includes research institutes subordinate to the Minister of Infrastructure, operating in the field of transport, such as: Road and Bridge Research Institute, Railway Research Institute, and Motor Transport Institute. The said institutes conduct complementary activities, important for the planning and implementation of state policy, as well as necessary to ensure the development of innovative, effective, safe and low-emission land transport.

PKP S.A. exercises ownership supervision over the PKP Group companies in order to ensure the highest quality of transport and logistics services for passengers and goods.